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Web Application Testing

SErvice offerings

Vulnerability Assessment
We assess your system's weaknesses and potential security risks to help you strengthen your defenses and protect your valuable data.
Penetration Testing
We simulate cyberattacks on your systems to proactively identify vulnerabilities and enhance your security measures.
Custom Testing
We tailor our testing approach to match your unique requirements, ensuring a thorough assessment of your specific security challenges.
Our Methodology
Here is a high-level overview of the typical steps and methodology involved in web application penetration testing.
Information Gathering and Threat Modeling

In this phase, we gather data about your web application, such as its URL and technology stack, and create a threat model to identify potential security risks and attack vectors.

Testing and Analysis

We systematically assess your application for vulnerabilities, using automated tools and manual testing techniques to uncover issues like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and authentication flaws.

Reporting and Remediation

After identifying vulnerabilities, we provide a detailed report outlining the findings, their impact, and recommended remediation steps, working closely with you to enhance your application’s security.